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We also procure raw ingredients in collaboration with other production organizations in Gunma, Tochigi and Saitama. Please ask about other new vegetables.

Frozen products process procedure

Product inspection

We inspect fresh vegetables harvested in the field and carefully screen them before washing. Leaf vegetables are produced in a line in the following order: screening, washing, cutting, branching, screening and drying.

Visual check

Then, we inspect the products after another drying process. The visual inspections, with a lot of human interventions, prevent the inclusion of foreign bodies.

Freezing process

Best-before dates on frozen vegetables range from six months to two years, so you will be able to use them all year round regardless of the seasons. Another key point is that the drying process achieves good production yields.

Voluntary inspection

For safer food production, we conduct voluntary inspections for identifying microorganisms each day. In addition, we obtained "HACCP certified by Ibaraki Food Hygiene Association" in 2007. In all the processes, from accepting raw materials to delivering the products, we predict possible hazards in advance, monitor and record the hazardous points every day to prevent defective products and manage the process control on a daily basis.

* Microorganism inspection: General bacteria, Escherichia coli, coli group

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