Dried sweet potatoes

It is a non-colored, additive-free dried potato that uses 100% of Ibaraki Prefecture’s Beniharu.
We use only sweet potatoes carefully raised by our contract farmers.
Because it is a contract farmer, it is possible to manage from the cultivation history and purchase raw materials of stable quality.
In addition, it is manufactured with equipment that has been certified by the
Ibaraki Prefectural Food Sanitation Association as HACCP, and quality control is also performed.
We have introduced a machine that can reproduce the same temperature range as in a greenhouse in winter,
and it is hygienic without deposits such as sand and dust.
Each one was carefully peeled and cut by hand.
By controlling the temperature and humidity, it is characterized by the sticky and
soft texture peculiar to Beniharu and the strength of sweetness, making it a glossy and beautiful golden product.
As it is a non-colored and additive-free product, how about it as a snack for children or as a companion to tea for people of all ages?
You can eat it as it is, or warm it with a toaster etc. and eat it!When you eat it chilled, it feels like a sweet!
Please enjoy it with your favorite way of eating.

How to make dried sweet potatoes

1.Material procurement

2.Stored material







9.Line up on the bat

10.Bagging Line